The Devils have three goals disallowed in their loss to the Maple Leafs

New Jersey Devils fans weren't impressed by the referees after Wednesday disallowing three goals against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  (Getty Images)

Things took a turn for the worse in New Jersey on Wednesday.

The New Jersey Devils, looking for a 14th straight win with the Toronto Maple Leafs in town Wednesday, appeared to take the lead in the first period when forward Nathan Bastian redirected the puck past goaltender Matt Murray. The ice call was not a goal due to what the officials considered goalkeeper interference.

The Devils requested that the game be reviewed, but the situation room stuck to the on-ice decision, claiming that Bastian actually interfered with Murray and prevented him from filling his position.

Referee Justin Kea skated to center ice to announce the call, but stumbled over his words and mistakenly called a good goal, then immediately stopped to make the right call. Fans booed him, and Devils players were stunned that the call wasn’t canceled.

The video quickly went viral as fans wondered if the referees weren’t already drunk before the weekend’s Thanksgiving celebrations. Some have commented how the league might not want the Maple Leafs to lose to the red-hot Devils, while others theorized whether Kea got the call wrong because he knew the good of the Devils should have been allowed.

The NHL explained the call, stating that Bastian had a significant presence in the area, which impaired Matt Murray’s ability to save the game.

To make matters worse for the Devils, another goal was disallowed for New Jersey in the second period. Forward Tomas Tatar skated around the Maple Leafs net and bumped into Murray as the goaltender played the puck behind the net, knocking it to the ice. While down, Tatar redirected the puck into an empty net. However, the goal was not deemed good.

Many fans expressed their disappointment again on social media, stating that Tatar’s contact with Murray outside the playing area was accidental and therefore the goal should have counted.

Of course, the bad luck didn’t stop there, as New Jersey already had other goal recalled, this time for a kick movement.

This might be the least controversial call of the night, to be fair.

With their historic 2-0 winning streak seriously threatened in the third period, fans made their frustration known to the referees, hurling anything within reach onto the playing surface.

The Leafs would hold on for a 2-1 win, ending the Devils’ 13 game hitting streak in heartbreaking fashion.


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