The best Amazon handmade items that arrive by Christmas

Is Amazon taking over Etsy?  We've found ten great quality handmade gems to wrap up your Christmas shopping!  (Photo: Amazon)

Is Amazon taking over Etsy? We’ve found ten great quality handmade gems to wrap up your Christmas shopping! (Photo: Amazon)

News flash: Etsy isn’t the only handmade game in town. Amazon is now riding on that train… and we’re loving every minute of it. There are loads of beautiful handmade items for sale on the site right now that would make heartwarming gifts, and yes, you can get them in time for Christmas. As they are handcrafted, stocks are limited, so get yours fast. They are so damn special.

Quick overview

  • Natural hair care

    Avital’s Apiaries Lavender and Patchouli Conditioner Bar


  • For the diary keeper

    From now on Succulent Wood Blank Nature Journal


  • Only for mom

    Brooke & Jess Designs Mama Bear Coffee Mug


  • Softer skin all year round

    Old Whaling Co. Seaweed & Sea Salt Body Butter


  • For children and young people at heart

    Natural pine perched stacked rocks


  • To create the holiday mood

    Lorenzen Candle Co. Christmas Tree Soy Candle


  • For nature lovers

    Monstera Earrings Leaf Earrings


  • For bath lovers

    Relaxcation Handmade Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set


  • Just what mornings need

    Mojo Spa Make Me a Morning Person Face and body scrub


  • For your best friend

    Dianpearl Opal Compass Necklace


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Without further ado, here are 10 one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that will ship in time for the big day — and they all cost $35 or less!

And it carries a calming scent of lavender with a hint of patchouli. It is handmade in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

“It works and lasts,” said one buyer. “I have waist length hair that is textured, curly and graying so a good conditioner is a must. … I get the equivalent of three bottles of my regular conditioner… So, less waste, happy hair and happy woman .I will look into the shampoo bar when the current bottle runs out.

Inside are 160 blank pages just waiting to be filled. Made by independent woman-owned Hereafter in Los Angeles. “This is the coolest diary I’ve ever seen,” said one fan.

It will be hard to choose between coral, plum and teal, but don’t hesitate. These won’t last! Brooke & Jess Designs is co-owned and created by two sisters.

“The mug was not only pretty, but it felt good in my hand,” wrote one happy shopper. “The thickness was perfect. Not a flimsy cup at all. It came in a box and would have been perfectly giftable.”

Plus: No mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, phthalates or dyes in sight. Only the good stuff. And you get two, so you can take out two gifts in one go. (Or just keep one!) It’s available in several great scents that the company claims ship faster than stated on the site, but the popular Seaweed and Sea Salt is guaranteed to arrive before Christmas if you order early.

Fans give this body butter a 4.9 rating. But one shopper explained that it’s not just for the body: “No body butter! I use it on my face!…it doesn’t leave any oily, shiny residue and it made my skin really soft.”

For children and young people at heart


Great for the child who loves to build and the adult who needs a touch of Zen. Montessori-inspired wooden building blocks, handcrafted in Utah, are designed to promote fine motor development and problem solving. And they are so easy on the eyes.

“A slightly sweet, woody scent. The stain and wood grain are beautiful,” wrote one happy shopper. “These blocks are lightweight so I wouldn’t worry about them being thrown or falling over (because kids!) We specifically bought them to use as part of a ‘mindfulness’ sensory object box for my daughter who struggles with anxiety and emotional regulation. They are pretty sure my husband and I will be using it to decompress too! I think I might buy a set for my husband to keep at work when he needs a break from stress. Also, it will look like a nice display on his desk or shelves when he’s not in use.”

Ages 3 and up. Drawstring pouch included.

This Amazon best-selling candle smells of fir, pine, cedar and eucalyptus thanks to a festive blend of essential oils. It will surely delight those who have an artificial tree but Pine tree for a real one. Vegan and free from anything nasty (phthalates, parabens, cruelty), this delightful candle will burn for up to 70 hours.

One happy customer said, “We didn’t get a real Christmas tree this year and we were missing the fresh tree scent, but this candle definitely got the job done! It smells like a real Christmas tree in the house or even better!”

Crafted from brass with 14k gold plating, they drop to just an inch in length, so they’ll always get better, while never overpowering the wearer’s beauty.

“10/10,” wrote one shopper. “So cute! I love wearing them, they’re the perfect gold color and a nice dainty size.”

They are made in the USA and are free from dyes, phthalates, parabens and SLS.

Shared one enthusiastic shopper: “I love these bath bombs! I bought a six pack for my daughter for her birthday and ended up buying them for myself. I’ve never used bath bombs before…[these] they dissolve gently, smell amazing and won’t irritate the skin. Plus, they’re made in the USA!”

The US-made scrub helps cleanse and moisturize, plus it leaves skin soft and silky.

One skeptic shared, “I didn’t expect it to exceed my expectations and do things I hadn’t even thought about. It made my face so soft and evened out my skin tone. I always wear light makeup (just foundation and mascara ) and after using this product, for the first time in years, I no longer wore makeup.”

14K gold plated necklaces look delicate, but are very sturdy.

“I love this necklace,” one fan shared. “I wear it every day and the other one is my best friend’s. I’ve been wearing it for a while and it doesn’t feel cheap…I get a lot of compliments! It’s a great gift!”

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent releases at the time of posting.

If you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders $25 or more.)

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