The 4-Step Plan to Deflate and Tone Your Body, Says Coach

A new year is on the horizon and that means one thing: It’s the best time to achieve your fitness, nutrition and weight loss goals. We know that sticking to your New Year’s resolutions can be a little tricky, especially during this extremely welcoming time of year, but your mind and body will thank you for getting in shape. We chatted with Tony Horton, famed fitness instructor and founder of Power Life, who shares exactly how to get rid of body flab with four of his most recommended tips. He reads on to find out more, and then don’t miss your chance to lose inches off your waist with this cardio and resistance workout.

Tip no. Myth #1: Interval training is king.

fitness woman doing interval training exercises

fitness woman doing interval training exercises

According to Horton, interval training is the most productive type of exercise you can do to tone and strengthen things. Intervals consisting of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off (or 20 seconds on and 40 seconds off, if you’re more of a beginner) get your heart rate up and put your body into fat-burning mode that keeps going strong after you’ve finished your workout. “Interval training also keeps the body guessing to avoid a plateau in your progress,” adds Horton.

Tip no. Tip #2: Focus on core movements for your intervals.

“For your intervals, I always recommend incorporating ‘core moves’ that have been shown to target the largest muscle groups as effectively as possible,” Horton explains. Core movements include push-ups that target the arms, chest and core; squats and lunges that activate glutes and quadriceps and have many variations; curls and rows that target biceps, triceps, back and shoulders, as well as engaging your core; and finally, planks that primarily “turn on” all your muscle groups.

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Tip no. Tip #3: Do some bike workouts.

Horton points out that doing workouts with these “tried-and-true” core moves delivers results. At the same time, you have to constantly “trick” your body into working your muscles aggressively, which will help you achieve your ultimate goal. Horton recommends weaving the fundamental movements together so you can see how you progress. If push-ups are a regular part of your fitness routine, for example, you can easily see how your performance is improving. You may want to modify your push-ups to take things to the next level, like swapping traditional push-ups for triceps push-ups.

If your workout time is limited to 20 to 30 minutes on any given day, Horton suggests doing a full-body routine so you can target your entire body and make the most of your time. If time permits, you can focus on one body part each day. For example, Monday can be dedicated to arms and abs, Tuesday can focus on legs and glutes, Wednesday is all about back and chest, and so on. You will continue this cycle on a weekly basis.

As for how often you should stick to these fitness tips, Horton suggests doing cycling workouts every day for about 30 minutes if you can. Also, your basic movements should be in rotation for six days, then take “an active rest day” on day seven, complete with a walk.

Tip no. Tip #4: Fuel your body with the right fat burning foods.

man preparing a protein shake concept of how to get rid of body flab

man preparing a protein shake concept of how to get rid of body flab

In addition to having an effective deck workout, getting rid of body flab requires proper nutrition. “You need to fuel your body with enough of the right foods for it to function at optimal levels and also burn fat the right way,” Horton explains.

Eliminate all processed foods and eliminate all items with refined carbohydrates and sugars. So, make protein a top priority in your meals and snacks. Horton says a solid place to start is making protein shakes, but make sure your protein is high-quality. (He recommends the High Impact Whey Protein Powders and High Impact Plant Protein Powders from his PowerLife line.)

After 14 days, start introducing healthy carbohydrates (like sweet potatoes), foods high in healthy fats like omega-3s, and foods high in fiber into your diet. “Fibrous vegetables are a great place to start to make sure you’re incorporating fiber into your meals for satiety and proper digestion,” Horton says, adding, “A safe rate of fat loss is one to two pounds per week, so using that as a benchmark will help you gauge progress.”

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