Mexican president calls for free Bad Bunny concert after fans walk away due to fake ticket hike

Bad Bunny may have had the time of his life on his record-breaking “World’s Hottest Tour,” but some unfortunate fans have been suffering the sting from bad marketing.

The reggaeton superstar wrapped up his international stadium tour, which saw the Puerto Rican singer perform across North America and Latin America, at Mexico City’s historic Estadio Azteca on Saturday, the second of two shows at the venue. .

“Thank you Mexico!!! Thank you America for the best experience of my life!!!!” Bad Bunny tweeted Sunday in Spanish. “I will keep this tour in my heart forever. … From Puerto Rico to all over the whole world.

However, Bad Bunny’s Friday concert at Estadio Azteca left a bitter aftertaste for some fans. Many were denied entry to the concert after an abundance of fake tickets overwhelmed Ticketmaster’s system, resulting in some genuine tickets being cancelled.

In the days following the incident, growing scrutiny plagued Ticketmaster México, including the announcement of a fine by the Mexican government. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also chimed in, requesting a free Bad Bunny concert for interested ticket holders.

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Bad Bunny performs in concert at Aztec Stadium in Mexico City on December 9, 2022.

Bad Bunny performs in concert at Aztec Stadium in Mexico City on December 9, 2022.

Ticketmaster México blames the wave of fake tickets for denied admission

Mexico ticket agent released a statement on Saturday dealing with the Bad Bunny concert admission fiasco.

“Ticketmaster is offering an apology to fans and announcing a refund for customers who purchased legitimate tickets and were unable to access today’s Bad Bunny concert,” the company wrote in Spanish on Twitter.

The ticket reseller went on to explain that an influx of fraudulent tickets was the main cause of some spectators’ failed entry.

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A woman waits in line before entering the Bad Bunny concert at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City on December 9, 2022.

A woman waits in line before entering the Bad Bunny concert at the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City on December 9, 2022.

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“The login issues were a consequence of an unprecedented number of fake tickets presented, causing extraordinary crowding and intermittent operation of our system,” the company continued. “This has led to confusion and complicated access to the stadium, with the regrettable consequence that some legitimate ticket holders have been denied entry.”

Mexico investigates Ticketmaster, the Bad Bunny fiasco

In an interview with Radio Fórmula, Ricardo Sheffield, federal consumer advocate for PROFECO, rejected Ticketmaster México’s claim that the presence of counterfeit tickets caused fans to turn away.

“Ticketmaster claimed the tickets were fakes, but they were all issued by them,” Sheffield said in Spanish, arguing the main problem was the company’s “overselling” of tickets.

Sheffield said Ticketmaster México should issue full refunds to affected ticket holders, as well as pay those people a 20% compensation fee.

Sheffield also said Ticketmaster México would be fined over the incident, with a fine that could reach 10% of the company’s total sales over last year.

Ticketmaster México said the event was highly sought after, but denied that the concert was oversold. A company statement said 4.5 million applications had been received for just 120,000 vacancies. The forgeries then prevented some legitimate ticket holders from entering, he said.

“An unprecedented number of fake tickets, not purchased through our official channels, were presented at the gates on Friday,” the company said, adding that the situation at the gates caused “temporary outages in the ticket reading system, which sadly momentarily prevented recognition of legitimate tickets”.

Bad Bunny fans react to ticket drama with tears, defiance

For moviegoers receiving Ticketmaster’s ticket debacle, the Bad Bunny concert quickly turned into a frenzy.

One video, shared by Twitter user @MonickHuitron, shows a crowded group of fans chanting outside. “This is not normal” @MonickHuitron wrote in Spanish. “A million dollar collective question is coming.”

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Another video on Twitter shows what appears to be a fan attempting to climb over a gate. According to Billboard, some fans of the venue “jumped over the stadium’s main gates trying to enter” and were subsequently blocked by security personnel.

“It’s chaos!” Ana Rent tweeted alongside the video in Spanish.

Valeria Carrillo, a distraught fan who came to the show from the Mexican island of Isla Mujeres, told Billboard Español that she spent more than 9,000 Mexican pesos (about $455) on her ticket.

“I didn’t come from Isla Mujeres to make this happen to me!” she said tearfully.

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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador calls for a free Bad Bunny concert

Mexico’s president made a public request on Wednesday for Bad Bunny to play a free concert in Mexico City, to remedy the ticket scandal that left thousands frustrated outside his sold-out appearance on Friday.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he could not offer the singer any money, but the government would pay for the lights, stage and sound system and even install a cable car in the capital’s huge central square.

López Obrador suggested that Bad Bunny would perform for free because he is “sensitive” and feels “sympathy” with those who failed to enter.

“I would tell him how deeply we were touched to see young people sad because they couldn’t enter, because they had fake tickets, because they were victims of fraud,” said López Obrador.

Bad Bunny representatives did not immediately respond to an Associated Press email asking if it would accept the president’s offer.

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Bad Bunny brings out Rauw Alejandro, Jhay Cortez, more stars for tour finale

Despite the Ticketmaster drama leading up to the “World’s Hottest Tour” finale, Bad Bunny fans were greeted by a peppered lineup of special guests on Friday and Saturday.

The “Un Verano Sin Ti” singer brought out some of his famous friends to join him on stage, including Rauw Alejandro, Li Saumet by Bomb Estereo, Jhay CortezMora, Sech, Jowell & Randy, e Gabriela Berlingeri.

Bad Bunny performs in concert at Aztec Stadium in Mexico City on December 9, 2022.

Bad Bunny performs in concert at Aztec Stadium in Mexico City on December 9, 2022.

Bad Bunny’s “World’s Hottest Tour” kicked off in August and served as a follow-up to the singer’s “El Último Tour del Mundo,” which ran from February to April and grossed $116.8 million, according to Billboard.

The “World’s Hottest Tour” generated $232.5 million on its U.S. leg, Billboard reported in October, becoming “the biggest tour by a Spanish-speaking artist in Boxscore history.” She is also the only artist to launch two $100 million tours in the same year.

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