Mandy Moore says she’s a better mom for prioritizing her mental health

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 25: Mandy Moore attends the NBCU FYC House Closing Night Music Event at NBCU FYC House on May 25, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Mandy Moore is getting real about the importance of taking breaks for mental health. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Mandy Moore shares some of the lessons she’s learned as a parent.

On Thursday’s episode of the Chelsea Handler Podcast, Dear ChelseaMoore, 38, chatted about touring life with her husband Taylor Goldsmith and their two sons August, 1, and Oscar (“Ozzie”), 2 months.

Moore acknowledged the biggest difference between working as a young pop star and now as a mom of two is the dedication to prioritizing her physical and mental health when working for extended periods of time. In June, Moore canceled the remaining dates of the tour, telling fans that being pregnant on tour “made it too difficult to proceed”.

“I know I have to put my family and my health (and my baby’s health) first and the best place to be right now is at home,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I feel like in any other chapter of my life, up until now, I definitely would have ignored that little voice,” she explained. “I would have said, ‘No, I’m going to put everyone else’s expectations ahead of my own,’ and I would have continued soldiering. It probably would have been fine, but I feel like a better woman and wife and mother and everything because in I kind of listened to that intuition and took that time for myself.”

The This is us star later noted the importance to mothers of seeing other moms prioritize themselves.

“As women, it’s great for us to see examples of other women drawing those lines and delineating between, ‘No, I can only do so much. I’m human. I’m fallible. I need to listen to myself and listen to my body,'” she said. that’s pretty much what I did,” he said. When you do that, she explained, “you’re giving to other people [the idea] to grant yourself the same permission”.

Moore has spoken publicly about how prioritizing her mental health has made her a better mom.

Speaking to Yahoo Life in September, just weeks before giving birth to Ozzie, Moore opened up about balancing work and home life.

“I fully understand the privileged position I’m in,” she shared. “The fact that I was able to have my son, and then be in a position with a job where I was allowed to take him with me – obviously with support – so I could bond with him and be able to breastfeed and feed him and spending time with him when I wasn’t working — I know that’s not the situation most parents are in. That balance and guilt is real.”

Shortly after Ozzie was born in October, Moore took an intimate look at his birth by taking to Instagram to share a series of photos from the hospital bed with her newborn.

“A month with our Ozzie,” she captioned the post. In it, she included photos of Goldsmith cradling their newborn and a photo of Moore, Goldsmith and Ozzie with their doctors and nurses.

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