Lego Bonsai Tree and Flower Bouquet sets are available on Amazon

Lego orchid, flower bouquet and bonsai tree set.

Lego Botanical kits are proof that everyone’s favorite building toy isn’t just for kids. (Photo: Amazon)

Building Lego sets can be a relaxing way to spend an evening, especially when you’re tired of staring at screens. Like crafting or coloring, Lego “work” is a great stress reliever. That’s why Lego has made more and more sets with adults in mind. Lego botanicals are some of our favorites, actually insert to your decor rather than take it away – and our picks will be home in time for the holidays if you order as soon as possible.


Lego bonsai tree icons

The Lego Bonsai Tree is a unique gift or mindful project for anyone who loves bonsai, plants or building creatively with Lego pieces! Includes interchangeable pieces so the bonsai can be matched with both classic green leaves and vibrant pink cherry blossoms. Super easy to view too.

$50 on Amazon

Real bonsai trees are a lot of work, but a Lego version is low-stress fun. That’s a pretty manageable 878 pieces, and buyers rave about how much fun it is. One builder calls it “remarkably easy,” thanks to the way the pieces are separated into numbered bags, and says it’s “a wonderful piece of nostalgia.” This gentleman put together the of him in an hour and a half, “drinking and enjoying some smooth jazz while he did it, to unwind after a long week at work.” He adds: “In my opinion, there is something therapeutic about the botanical collection.”

Fully assembled, the Lego Bonsai still draws many raves, with one buyer, displaying his bonsai on his mantle, gradually evolving his tree with pink flowers (included) (which are actually a mix of tiny pink flowers and tiny pink frogs ) and: “Seasonally it begins its slow change from green leaves to cherry blossoms. Visitors to my house assume it’s natural until I nod them to approach….” Many builders love to swap leaves and flowers based on season.

This dad is “in love with the fact that most ‘cherry blossoms’ are tiny pink frogs. … ”he Also Appreciates“ the little ‘facts’ printed throughout the instruction booklet. It’s a great kit!”


Lego flower bouquet icons

$48$60Save $12

This flower bouquet offers a vibrant display of interesting colors and shapes, inspired by real flowers such as roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and herbs. Customizable elements allow you to perfectly position petals, leaves and stems to create pretty floral arrangements for display.

$48 on Amazon

For something more colourful, there’s the Lego Flower Bouquet, a detailed interpretation of flowers like roses, daisies and poppies. Each flower comes with a long stem (which you build too), so you can display them in your favorite vase or jar. For one buyer it was “love a […] first sight”, thanks to the “combination of beauty and function” of the Lego flower bouquet. His entire family was “excited by the final masterpiece”.

Some customers have found it a little difficult to put together due to the small pieces, but the instructions are “step by step and… easy to follow”. This grandma says it’s not easy to assemble but she “didn’t want it to be easy… you accepted a challenge!” It’s part of the fun of working with Legos.

And many buyers love how these flowers will stay beautiful forever. Working on the Lego flower bouquet alone can be meditative, but working together can make for a great bonding experience: One parent says, “My daughter, son and I loved building it together because we each had to choose a pair of flowers to work with.” Now that the final product is on display, they remember the experience “fondly whenever we see it.”

This intricate set usually costs $60, but is currently 20% off. And, like bonsai, it tends to disappear off shelves quickly, so take advantage of today’s sale price to add some color to your winter months.

adults putting together LEGO succulents

Watch your creativity blossom! (Photo: Walmart)

Looking for something simple, yet beautiful? Look no further than the Lego Orchid Building Set, a stunning display inspired by a real orchid, in a model that looks as close to the real thing as possible thanks to the LEGO designers’ extraordinary attention to detail. One gift expert wrote: “No more searching for the perfect holiday gift! This model is stunning and realistic. Not only are the colors and the challenge of building special here, so is the instruction booklet, with explanations and references. hidden away, it’s really special.”

This amazing set is $10 off now and will be arriving by Christmas, so grab it while you can!


Lego succulent plant

This is truly the ultimate low maintenance plant display. Each succulent comes in its own little container – combine them to create an arrangement or display them individually in your home or office.

$50 from Walmart

Succulents are a super trendy way to introduce plants into your home and enhance your décor. However, even easy-going succulents require some basic maintenance…unless they’re made of plastic! The Lego Succulents building kit includes 9 different succulents, each inspired by a real-life variety, and is a great gift idea for plant lovers and ‘black thumbs’ alike. With 3 separate instruction booklets in the pack, it’s the perfect project to have fun with friends and family as you digest your holiday feast.

“Lego building is my physical and cognitive therapy as I recover from an accident, and it doesn’t get any more wonderful than that!!!” shared an enthusiastic builder. “Each botanical piece is a joy to display and a chore to build (that’s the point, really)…Thank you Lego, for making playtime so rewarding!!!”

If you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders $25 or more.)

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent releases at the time of posting.

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