hit 485 goals in 89 matches

Francesco Camarda, delantero of Milan, with one of his idols, Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Francesco Camarda, Milan delantero, with one of his idols, Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Credits: @Instagram

Football surprises in all its dimensions. In the top tier, you don’t have to obscure footballer figures and returns first as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, cases in the epilogue of your careers. O casos como los de Erling Haaland or Kylian Mbappé, that ya despontan with barely a year’s punch as a professional and that pretends to dispute the reinado that -in a moment- will leave vacant the 10th of the Argentine selection that fails to lift the Copa del Mundo in Qatar. Also of those players who formed part of the great past of this sport. But in football there are always the stories of the players who resonate in his youthful eras, the early appearances. Yes, it is one of these cases. The adventure is by Francesco Camarda. Holds solo tan 14 years old, e.g. Italian, play in the lower divisions of Milan and there is one ‘break’ that comes in search of everything.

With numbers that marvel, Francesco Camarda, born in Italy on March 10, 2008, ya ilusiona a mitad de Milano. Today he is a child, but with 14 years totaled 485 goals in 89 games with the shirt of the Rossonero team. Ese número included from lugar a la duda de un lector: “¿No será al revés?” No. It’s just like what he’s reading. An impressive average of 5.44 throats per partido jugado.

Some goles by Francesco Camarda

Comenzó sus festejos from the temporada 2017/18 with a total of ¡247 goals in 40 matches!in the next course detract from the celebrations with meetings for convincing 172 times over 31 enfrentamientos. Además, cerró con 64 gorges and 16 crosses of the 2019/20 season.

Piero Colangelo is the person who picked up this youngster for GDS Afforese, an academia that is part of Milan. About Camarda, he said: “De niño ya was impressive, he looks like a futbolist in miniature. The case is unique. I never met a guy with his cualidades. Tenía tres años menos que el rest and half goles a rams. He didn’t have who detuviera, ya fuera him jugando de extremo or delantero. He had a powerful physique. It was a huracán,” he confessed to her middle finger Sprints and Sports.

But perhaps more about this guy who shines in Europe, he’s been talking to Erling Haaland, from Manchester City, and Youssoufa Moukoko, from Borussia Dortmund. Mauro Bianchissiex-scouting of youngsters from Milan and now taking a lead on a mismatch, but in Lazio, repasó los inicios de Camarda in the middle Milan News: “Vino a probarse en 2014, con sólo six años. We inscribimos it dos años después, en 2016. It is part of the last group that builds in Milan. Hay que dejarlo crecer ma respectendo su naturaleza, sus características ”, he expresó.

Camarda, visiting los colores de Milan

Camarda, visiting los colores de Milan – Credits: @@acmilanyouth

The “Bambino”, as told to Francesco, continues to grow step by step in the Rossoneri’s youth divisions. His Serie A debut with Milan seems to be getting closer every time and that’s one of the reasons You are joining AC Milan Primavera, Sub 19 team. The filial team was trained by the ex-jugador of the Ignazio Abate club who worked in Camarda in a friendship against Solbiatese, a team of Excellence (fifth division of Italian football) and the 14-year-old pre-adolescent did not give him the pulse: he was author of two goals to win 4-2.

One of the keys to this promise was success in the elapsed time. Camarda was crucial for the Sub 15 team Milan wins the Scudetto. English championship marked 22 times in 25 disputed meetings. Además, was the key in the final, scoring the goal of the triumph before Fiorentina, in the match that finished 1-0. In this championship, he was ‘Top scorer’ (maximum goalscorer) and also received the prize for the best soccer player. In the current time, his race continues in rolling form: in the tournament with the category Sub 16 collects 11 goals in tan only ocho partidos.

Además de demonstrar during each attendance by visiting the Milan shirt, to Francesco Camarda I had to play for the Italia Sub 15 selection. And to make it clear that this is serious, in its debut se despachó with hat-trick and the hizo in tan only 23 minutes. Now, with the jacket of the selected Sub 16 de la Azzurra, also tuvo algunos minutos aunque sin convertir.

Camarda tuvo as a football referent throughout his years and early adolescence to the Brazilian Kaka, exjugador de Milan during your temporadas and also multicampeón. But in the present it is reflected on two football players who have seen the Rossenera house in the present.

One of them is the steering wheel Sandro Tonali. And the other, nada más y nada menos que Zlatan Ibrahimovic with quien comparte your football kick for your physique and power. Also, she has a photo with her son on her Instagram profile, Tomada is two years old.

As if all this was little, the Adidas brand had put its eyes on it and signed a contract with the youth, thinking that Francesco could come to convert to an Italian star, in a future not very light.

Francesco Camarda is, without doubt, the name of the future. The name and the goalscorer to follow. They reflect his numbers and his personality with only 14 years. Y es que el fútbol always surprises and deja lugar a las stadísticas que se posen para ser batidas. Yes one day pudieron Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, therefore it will not be possible to think about it Haaland, Mbappé or en this Italian pre-adolescent that, at this rate, non está muy lejos de cumplir su sueño de debutar en la Serie A para comnzar a desandar su camino.

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