Enerjisa Enerji, UNDP and Sabanci University have joined forces to create a green destination model in Kucukkoy

After 18 months of work and 10 million Turkish lira of investment, Kucukkoy is an example of sustainable tourism.

Istanbul, Turkey–(Newsfile Corp. – December 2, 2022) – Enerjisa Enerji, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Sabancı University today announced the results of 18 months of collaborative work aimed at creating a green destination model in Küçükköy with energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable tourism practices. As part of the SENTRUM project, which is completed with an investment of 10 million Turkish lira, energy survey activities have been carried out for tourism companies and energy efficiency. Businesses were supported with energy efficient lighting and appliances; solar power systems were installed in public buildings and the village gained access to a high-speed electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Enerjisa Enerji, UNDP and Sabancı University joined forces to create a green destination model in Küçükköy

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Necmi Komili Primary and Secondary School has become one of the first “Net Zero Energy Buildings” in Turkey due to energy efficiency and solar power plant practices as part of the project.

All these efforts have also provided measurable benefits in terms of combating climate change. Energy is saved by preventing the consumption of 15,000 kg of coal per year in the region under Enerjisa Enerji’s “Energy of My Business” project through energy efficient technologies and renewable energy applications. Also thanks to renewable energy systems, ~90,000 kg of carbon emissions have been avoided.

The Center for Sustainable Energy Based Tourism Practices (SENTRUM) project is a concrete example of how the tourism industry can take advantage of renewable energy resources and other sustainable practices in one destination.

18 months of sustainable energy based tourism practices and their results were shared in a press conference with the participation of Guler Sabanci, Chairman of Sabancı Holding and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sabancı University, Kivanç Zaimler, Chairman of Sabancı Holding Energy Group and Chairman of the Board of Enerjisa EnerjiAnd Louise Vinton, Resident Representative of UNDP Turkey.

Speaking at the press conference of the results of the SENTRUM project, Guler Sabancichairman of Sabancı Holding and chairman of the board of directors of Sabancı University, she stressed that the SENTRUM project, which she also called the “Triangle of Success”, was created in cooperation with Enerjisa Enerji, Sabancı University and the UNDP to provide social benefits. Guler Sabanci he said that the SENTRUM project has set a model for the tourism and energy sectors as the most important sectors of the Turkish economy, and that the project’s success was not limited to Küçükköy only. Sabanci noted, “With the popularization of the SENTRUM model that includes measurable, repeatable and sustainable tourism practices, I believe this model will be a national and global success story. It is also one of the most tangible examples of ‘Being a Leader in Sustainability Enterprises” which is one of the five main strategies of the Sabancı Group as much as it serves the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Louise VintonUNDP Resident Representative Turkey said, “Küçükköy is just one of thousands of picturesque locations in Turkey that make this country a popular tourist destination. However, as tourism grows, there is a risk of increased pressure on the environment and greater use of energy. Therefore, we at UNDP are very satisfied with this collaboration in order to develop a green tourism model that can create economic benefits for the country while protecting the planet we are destined to live on”.

Kivanç ZaimlerChairman of Sabancı Holding Energy Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enerjisa Enerji, noted, “Our mission at Enerjisa Enerji is to lead Turkey’s energy transformation and take responsibility for a better future. We aim to create solutions that enable us to achieve sustainable development goals not only with our resources, but also by involving other stakeholders in the process. For this reason, I find the SENTRUM project that we launched last year in collaboration with UNDP and with the valuable contributions of Sabancı very valuable and significant University.”

Within the SENTRUM project, tourism resource values ​​for Küçükköy and surrounding areas were determined and road maps for green procurement, sustainable transport, production and consumption were prepared. The green destination standards in different countries were examined and those that can be adapted to Küçükköy were determined. Alternative hiking and cycling routes have been created with themes of nature and energy.

Through the creative technologies workshop of Sabancı University in Küçükköy, 140 people, including high school students, women from the region and entrepreneurs, received training on energy efficiency, sustainable tourism, waste management, climate change, gender equality, etc. project activities within the Gender Mainstreaming Action Plan.

In addition, a “Sentrum Coordination Office” has been established in Küçükköy to raise awareness of all stakeholders on energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and to provide information to the community, businesses and visitors.

Building on the experience gained in Küçükköy, the partners of the “triangle of success” continue their activities to develop the second phase of the SENTRUM project and apply sustainable energy and tourism practices in other destinations.

For SENTRUM Green Destination Küçükköy Report Model:

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*For more details on the Center for Sustainable Energy Based Tourism Practices (SENTRUM): www.sentrum.com.tr

*For more details on the Sustainable Development Goals: www.kureselamaclar.org


Ogün Hızarcı, Enerjisa Enerji, ogun.hizarcı@enerjisa.com

Deniz Şilliler Tapan, UNDP Turkey, deniz.tapan@undp.org

ENERJISA ENERJI, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and E.ON, since its establishment in 1996 it has focused on operational excellence in its two main lines of business, namely Electric Power Distribution and Retail. Providing distribution services to more than 21 million users through its 10.3 million customers in 14 provinces, Enerjisa Enerji also makes a significant contribution to sustainability through its human-oriented electricity distribution investments and operations, technology and solutions. Aiming to explore new opportunities in the industry and create value for its partners, customers, employees, suppliers and communities throughout its operations, Enerjisa Enerji achieved Turkey’s largest private sector public offering by taking 20 percent of the its public shares on February 8, 2018 and started trading on Borsa Istanbul.

UNDP for more than 50 years it has established partnerships with people from all segments of society with the aim of building communities capable of withstanding crises and increasing and maintaining growth that would raise the level of quality of life. UNDP offers a global perspective and local insights that would help build strong individuals and strong societies across 177 countries and regions in the industry. www.tr.undp.org

Located in Ayvalık Küçükköy, SABANCI UNIVERSITY CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY aims to train individuals focused on developing solutions to sustainable development problems. The science and technology training provided at the Küçükköy Creative Technologies Workshop primarily benefits women and children aged 8 to 15.

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