Edgar Snow descendant hopes China and US can still find common ground, carry on ties recognized in Xi’s response letter

BEIJING, December 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese and Americans have a rich history of friendship, and if we can create business opportunities together, this world will become a better place, Adam Fosterchairman of the Helen Foster Snow Foundation, who wrote a letter to Xi Jinping, told the Global Times.

In a reply letter in January 2022Xi pointed this out Edgardo and Helen Snow actively promoted the Chinese Gong He (Gung Holisten)) industrial cooperative movement, and played an important role in establishing the Shandan Peili School in Of China Gansu Province.

The Chinese people, he added, are taking into account the contributions made by international friends, including the Snows, a Of China revolution and construction, as well as their sincere friendship with the Communist Party of China (CCP) and the Chinese people.

Xi said he greatly appreciates the positive contributions made by the Helen Foster Snow family to the development of China-US relations over the years.

He expressed the hope that Foster and the foundation will continue to follow the Snows’ lead and make new contributions to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the Chinese and American people.

Xi’s response came later Adam Foster she had written to him, recalling the contributions made by Elena Snow to enhance the interpersonal friendship between the United States and China.

He also promised to carry forward his spirit of promoting friendship and cooperation between the peoples of the two countries, and to build a bridge for exchanges and people’s interaction between the United States and China.

“It’s been really encouraging to see leaders on both sides are looking for ways to keep that connection between people… I hope the relationship continues,” Adam Foster he told the Global Times.

“We wrote a letter to President Xi, signed by 66 members of the Foster family, thanking the Chinese people for what they did to celebrate Helen and honor her legacy,” Foster said.

Continuing the legacy

Helen Foster Snowgreat aunt of Adam Fosterwith Edgar Snowwhom she met and married Chinathey advocated the practice of making the CCP known to the world through their writings on the Party and the Chinese revolution.

Adam FosterPresident of the Helen Foster Snow Foundation, an organization named after the accomplished journalist and writer, told the Global Times that the foundation is committed to creating a platform for dialogue, engagement and practical cooperation, while focusing at the same time on exchanges in education, culture and business .

To achieve this goal, the foundation works with universities, museums and other institutions to promote language learning, education and cultural exchanges.

“For example, we are working with partners in Jiangxi Province create a ceramic cultural center based in Utah, to share this amazing cultural tradition of pottery art with Americans; with Northwest University in Xi’anwe are working to promote the Helen Foster Snow Translation Award to become a world-class translation competition,” she said.

“Chinese and Americans have a rich history of friendship. If we can successfully create opportunities to work together, this world will become a better place,” he said To breed.

Said that understanding China it is not easy for Americans. “It requires more than just reading news headlines. I think it’s important for people in both countries to learn more about each other and to Americans become more China-literary”.

He said it was important for both people to know that “we are not enemies of each other… sometimes the loudest voices can represent a very small minority of people. So I hope the Chinese people recognize that the American people don’t seeks conflict. The vast majority of Americans want peace and prosperity just like the Chinese people.”

According to Foster, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation has organized several events in China to share his great aunt’s work as a photojournalist in the 1930s China. “Events like these create an opportunity for subnational governments to engage and dialogue with each other on non-sensitive topics,” she said.

Adam Foster she said she would like her five children to carry on the family tradition of warming relationships between people of both countries. “I hope I can take my children there to follow in those footsteps [of Helen] so they can learn more about their great aunt and the adventures she has had Chinaand also to reconnect with these wonderful Chinese that we have befriended over the years.”



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