Dow Stock News: Apple watching Manchester United? FTC has seen the Microsoft-Activision deal challenged

Apple (AAPL) would be interested in the British football giant Manchester United (MANU). Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission will reportedly challenge the expected Microsoft (MSFT) acquisition of Activision Blizzard (ATV).


Apple vs Manchester United?

Apple could pay £5.8 billion ($7 billion) for Manchester United, the Daily Star reported. Tech titan Dow Jones has no experience with sports team ownership, but CEO Tim Cook reportedly sees big opportunity from such a deal.

Apple+ broadcasts Major League Soccer and Friday Night Baseball. His award-winning comedy Ted Lasso is about an American football manager who manages a Premier League football club.

The Glazers, bowing to the fans, recently agreed to put the Premier League football giant up for sale. They initially set an asking price of £8.25 billion.

Apple stock rose 0.6% to 151.07 in the stock market on Wednesday after rebounding from its 50-day moving average on Tuesday. Dow stock is still below its 200-day moving average.

Manchester United shares skyrocketed 26% to 18.80 on Wednesday, a 13-month high. This is after climbing nearly 15% on Tuesday.

FTC to challenge Microsoft-Activision?

The Federal Trade Commission is likely to try to block Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of video game publisher Activision Blizzard. This according to Politico, who says an antitrust lawsuit could come in December. The FTC investigation into the Microsoft-Activision deal is not yet complete.

ATVI stock fell 3.8% in late trading Wednesday on the FTC report. The shares rose 0.9% to 76.59 in the regular session on Wednesday. Activision stock traded at a significant discount from its $95 per share purchase price due to regulatory issues.

Antitrust regulators in Europe and China are also reviewing Microsoft-Activision.

PlayStation manufacturer sony (SONY) has opposed the Microsoft-Activision deal, concerned that Activision bestsellers like Call of Duty could become an Xbox exclusive.

Microsoft shares rallied late Wednesday. Dow stock closed up 1% at 247.58.

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