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Two Anker charging devices

These Anker chargers will power every device in your life. (Photo: Amazon)

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just own too many devices, listen up: Amazon just marked a treasure trove of Anker chargers for the post-holiday sale. While it might not sound super exciting at first, it’s a chance to make your day-to-day existence smoother and easier — and that’s the kind of thing we’re really happy about after.

Not only are Anker chargers great to have around the house or to slip into a suitcase for getaways, they’re also great stocking fillers (especially for that loved one who always forgets to charge their electronics) and retail prices today they almost look like highway robbery.


Anker USB C socket extension

$19$26Save $7

Never fight over exit space again! This brick has three AC outlets, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port — plenty of room for tablets, phones, and anything else that needs a little juice.

$19 on Amazon

It charges your devices 1.5x faster than an average charger, plus it features numerous safety measures, including short-circuit and over-current protection, fire resistance and more.

“This little power cube is so versatile,” shared one happy shopper. “You can connect so many things at once. It’s so cool, I got one for my wife too. And it looks so cool!”

This charger folds flat for travel, plus it’s fully adjustable – you can even use your phone charger as a stand.

“I know you might be like, ‘Do I really want to carry a whole fucking setup with me everywhere?’ and the answer is YES. DO IT.” shared one enthusiastic buyer. “Pack a charger and you’ll never forget one. Plus, a strange added bonus is that, since you plug it in and set it up, you don’t lose track of where you put the charger as easily as you would a rope”.

Anker includes a nifty little feature called ActiveShield that monitors your devices and automatically turns off power to any connected devices to protect them from overheating. Plus, you get six different ports all in one device.

“I’m using this for international travel with a single outlet adapter. Although the device only says 110V, their website and customer service say it’s fine for 220V as well, but for regulatory purposes, the writing on the adapter it doesn’t include this,” said one traveler. “I’ve used it daily in Europe and the Middle East for over a month on 220V power and haven’t had any problems. Please note this does not change any input/output voltages, whatever you plug in will come out so Also make sure your fixtures are 110-220v.”


Anker 40W USB C Charger

$25$38Save $12

This powerful charger can deliver 40W of power, enough to take a Macbook Air to normal speeds, charge iPhone and iPad simultaneously, and so much more.

$25 on Amazon

This charger is compatible with a wide range of different products and devices and allows simultaneous charging of your phone, computer, tablet and more.

One happy customer called it the perfect brick. “The best solution for me was this charger. I travel a lot and this allows me to charge my devices faster 2 at a time without carrying two p bricks. I would buy again.”


Anker 733 charger

$70$100Save $30

This handy unit is not only a 65W wall charger, but also a 10,000mAh portable charger. It can charge up to three devices simultaneously and uses Anker’s patented technology for more efficient and safer power.

$70 on Amazon

This power bank has two USB-C ports and a single USB-A port, but the real utility lies in its versatility. It’s both a wall charger and power bank in one, and it’s small enough that you can take it almost anywhere without taking up space in your bag.

“I normally have three devices to charge while travelling: phone, watch and headphones. Many other chargers only have three ports, so adding a battery means switching ports at night. This charges the battery and all three devices at the same time and is fast when you’re charging a phone during the day via USB-C. It can even replace my laptop charging when needed!” said one customer.


Anker 737 charger

$100$150Save $50

Big genius, small bottle. This charger can output 140W of power or recharge quickly, depending on what you need. It also has an easy-to-read display to see exactly how long it takes to charge your devices.

$100 on Amazon

This power bank includes a battery capacity of 24,000mAh. What does it mean? Basically, that’s enough juice to fully charge an iPhone about 5 times!

“This is the best power bank I’ve owned. It’s not the biggest. But between supporting PD charging up to 100 watts and having a very useful and detailed display, this power bank is by far the best one I’ve ever had. have ever owned Anker or any other company,” said one happy buyer. “Battery health, discharge, and recharge speeds are great features to have. I’m waiting to see what else Anker could add in this series, but they nailed it with this one.”


Anker USB-C Charger

$65$100Save $35

This powerful charger can quickly recharge a Macbook Pro from zero to full in as little as 1.5 hours. This with 140W of power output, plus a 24-month warranty.

$65 on Amazon

The Anker 717 can replace your Macbook charger. In fact, it can replace it entirely, because it is worlds better. The fast charging capability alone is worth the investment.

One customer said, “This charger is great, it’s lighter than the Apple option and works great with both USB-C and MagSafe charging on my MacBook Pro. Anker is always my go-to!”


Anker USB C Hub

$38$60Save $22

This USB hub not only allows you to connect a huge number of devices but also allows HDMI video output in 4K resolution.

$38 on Amazon

This USB hub includes power passthrough, so you can plug in a 65W charger to power any connected device. It also includes one HDMI port, one Ethernet port, one USB-C port, and two USB-A ports.

One customer said it’s perfect for laptop connectivity. “My new MacBook Pro for work didn’t have the connectors I needed for my USB devices, extra monitors, or Ethernet. I’ve bought Anker products in the past, so I grabbed a couple different adapters to try. This one works great and Has all the connections I need. Ethernet has been stable and strong. USB devices work as expected and external monitor works exactly as if plugged directly in. Great value for money. No complaints so far!”

The Anker Portable Charger can handle nearly five full iPhone charges thanks to its 24,000mAh capacity. It also supports charging two devices simultaneously.

“Very impressed with this power bank. A great buy. Love it,” said one customer.


Anker USB-C Charger

$82$110Save $28

With this USB-C charger, you can power two laptops simultaneously or up to four other devices. If you want an all-in-one charging station, this is the way to go.

$82 on Amazon

In addition to the powerful charging this device offers, it also reduces energy consumption and can help reduce your electricity bill year after year.

“I travel for work and have at least 6 electronic devices with me at all times (engineering caliber laptop, iPad, my work iPhone, personal Android phone, Bluetooth headset and wireless headphones) so obviously they all have different charging needs.” said one organized traveler. “With this adapter (although it’s not cheap) I’m able to ditch numerous proprietary chargers, including the big one for my laptop, and use this one! LOVE the number and versatility of the ports while still being a very manageable size.”


Anker USB-C 735 Charger

$38$60Save $22

This charger can power three devices with equal power distribution, or it can power up to a 13-inch Macbook Air. It’s a versatile, foldable charger that’s perfect for business trips.

$38 on Amazon

“This is the best power brick ever. Much smaller than a standard laptop charger, but it charges my Dell Latitude work laptop at full speed – none of those ‘slow charger’ pop-up warnings from the computer. It’s perfect for travel because I can charge my tablet, phone and smartwatch at the same time,” said one customer. “It’s also super useful if you only have a few minutes at the airport to sit down and recharge, because it’s fast. I originally bought this for my Steam Deck and haven’t had any problems or slow recharge notifications, so it’s been great on that front too.” .”

“I’ve had my eye on this model to keep in my travel bag for a while, but I didn’t like the idea of ​​a stand (I would never use it). The fact that this is solely the battery was a buy Instant! Fast charging (both into and out of the phone). Does what it says!” said one customer.


Anker charging station


Save $150 with a $20 coupon

This Thunderbolt charger has a hefty price tag, but it more than makes up for it with its 8K support, more ports, and the ability to work with both Windows and Mac computers (within certain limits).

$200 on Amazon

“Works great with my new Dell XPS 15 (9510), two external monitors and wireless keyboard and mouse. It has all the ports I need and I haven’t had any issues. However, I use the power cord to charge my laptop original. My dell has two USB-C ports, so this connects to one and my power cord to the other. I liked the setup so much I bought a second one to completely duplicate my setup both at home than in the office,” said a customer who bought two.

The reviews cited above reflect the most recent releases at the time of posting.

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