Amazon buyers love these Lightsaber sticks that illuminate

Laser sword.  (Photo: Amazon)

Laser sword. (Photo: Amazon)

Los palillos chinos are ideal for enjoying sushi or a bowl of Pad Thai. But, how will these poles glow and look like Star Wars light sables? For more than 12,000 Amazon shoppers, that’s the idea. Yes, thousands of Amazon shoppers rate the Chopsabers, also known as palillos sables de luz, 5 out of 5 stars and assure them they are very much delighted.

Palillos sables de luz Chopsabers.  (Photo: Amazon)

Palillos sables de luz Chopsabers. (Photo: Amazon)

US$11 US$20 on Amazon

“Truthfully, son geniales,” wrote one shopper who also shared a video of her purchase. “They’re a little big, but definitely not a problem! I enchant. Honestly, they have a great value-for-money relationship!”

Sin duda, son of a great novelty to keep at home or a good gift idea for these fans of Star Wars. Y, while available in a range of bright colours, does have a blue version which claims to have “advice for grabbing food”, although the brand does not seem to give more details on this in the product description.

Without embargo, you must know that the Chopsabers are free plastic sticks from BP, are available in a wide range of bright colors and include batteries. All you have to do is click a button to turn them on and repeat the process to turn them off. Only if they wash manually, but they are very easy to clean. Ten in cuenta that when you buy a par you send dos palillos sables de luz.

According to, the palillos have a large history in the Chinese culture that dates back to 1200 BC and were originally used as cooking utensils. Sin embargo, around the year 400 AD, people began to use it to come. La escasez de alimentos hizo que los chefs hicierán porciones más pequeñas, lo que hizo que los cuchillos quedaran obsolete. Also, Confucius created that the sharp tools record the people the matanza and the violence, which literally “mataba” the state of soul on the table. So little by little he was cogiendo alas l’auge de los palillos per comer.

Sin embargo, no todos los palillos son de madera. Japón inventó los desechables de bambú at the finals of the siglo XIX. Also, the shapes and materials of poles vary across the East Asian region.

Plastic palillos are not rare. However, the design of the Chopsabers is certainly different from the one that glows and looks clear from the Star Wars light, which is why people love it. Además, see la cara de alguien illuminate de alegría con este par cuesta menos de 20 dólares.

US$11 US$20 on Amazon

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