5-star DB Peyton Bowen signs with Oklahoma after resigning from Notre Dame and announcing for Oregon

Peyton Bowen signed his national letter of intent.

And it’s not with Oregon. It’s not even with Notre Dame.

No. Bowen, a five-star safety, signed with Oklahoma on Thursday.

Bowen, a native of Denton, Texas, had been verbally engaged with Notre Dame for nearly a year until he landed a knockout Wednesday, the first day of the first signing period. Bowen announced his commitment to Oregon and even pulled off the classic mock signing day, wearing the Notre Dame cap before switching to the Oregon cap.

However, as the day wore on, it was clear this saga wasn’t over. Oregon never announced Bowen as part of its autograph class, meaning Bowen never sent his signed NLI to the school.

This left the door open for other schools, and Bowen ultimately settled on Oklahoma.

In a statement, Bowen thanked the coaching staffs at both Oregon and Notre Dame and apologized for how he handled things Wednesday.

“As I reflect on yesterday’s whirlwind, I recognize that I made some mistakes that I regret and will learn from. Navigating this process has been a roller coaster,” Bowen wrote.

“Oregon and Notre Dame faithful, I am sorry for how I have handled this process. By changing my decision on signing day, fake hat pump, everything could have been handled better. I can’t change what I did, but this experience is something I will learn from.”

Bowen said after announcing Oregon as his pick, he quickly “came to the conclusion that the decision wasn’t the best path for me.” And as for Notre Dame, Bowen said he realized his “heart was somewhere else” and not in South Bend.

Despite the verbal commitment to Notre Dame, which dates back to January, Bowen made multiple visits to other schools throughout the year, most notably Oklahoma and Texas A&M. In fact, many thought that if Bowen changed his engagement, it would be for Oklahoma.

And in the end, that’s exactly what happened.

“Oklahoma has always felt like home to me. Reflecting, it seems to me that I am looking for a reason to expand and detach myself from home. But my relationships with Coach Venables, Coach Bates, Coach Valai, Coach Hall and Coach Chavis, along with my connections to friends and family locally, ultimately brought me back to where I always belonged,” Bowen wrote.

The 6-foot, 1,185-pound Bowen is ranked No. 10 in the class of 2023 by Rivals. He is considered the second best player in the state of Texas and the second best safety in his class.

Bowen is the highest ranked player in Oklahoma’s class of 2023, just ahead of high school teammate Jackson Arnold. Arnold, a quarterback, is No. 13 overall in the class and is also considered a five-star prospect.

With the addition of Bowen, Oklahoma ranks seventh on the Rivals team list for 2023.

Peyton Bowen

After retiring from Notre Dame and announcing for Oregon, five-star safety Peyton Bowen finally signed with Oklahoma (via Rivals.com).

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