5 Potential Nets Trade Goals Before the 2023 NBA Deadline

Dallas Mavericks forward Christian Wood (35) warms up before the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at the American Airlines Center

Dallas Mavericks forward Christian Wood (35) warms up before the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at the American Airlines Center / Kevin Jairaj – USA TODAY

With the NBA trading season underway and the Nets looking closer to the contender than many hoped they would be by the day, let’s take a look at five realistic trade targets that should interest Brooklyn if they look to catch up in the coming weeks.

Christian Wood

The struggling Dallas Mavericks traded for Wood last offseason and received mixed results. Head coach Jason Kidd he’s playing it just 27.2 minutes a night, showing little confidence in his defense or ability to man the fifth spot.

With Wood’s imminent free agency, the two sides probably won’t last until the trade deadline and the Nets can take advantage of that. Their only real bigs are Nic Claxton, Day’Ron Sharpe and Ben Simmons at times, making Wood a valuable target.

Wood is averaging 17.2 points and 8.1 rebounds on 61.6% shooting from inside the arc and 38.7% from three. Currently none of the aforementioned Brooklyn centers can deliver that kind of scoring punch, especially from the outside.

Even with his 6’10-inch frame, Wood becomes one of the tallest Nets on the roster.

It may not suit all of their needs, but trading for Wood gives Brooklyn a legitimate leap in talent. It would probably cost him Joe Harris or Patti Mills in conjunction with someone for wage adjustment purposes and some form of compensation. That shouldn’t be too high a cost given Wood’s market and the length of the contract.

Jakob Poeltl

A safer move for Brooklyn to improve on fifth place could be to try to acquire Poeltl from the Spurs. The big man lines up with archetypes where Brooklyn has Claxton and Simmons, while also bringing more defined abilities to the table.

Poeltl is a better rebounder than Claxton, has height and weight on him and probably protects the rim better too. He also brings some shrewd playmaking skills, which could make him a better option for short shots than Claxton.

Poeltl would likely cost the Nets some salary and a first-round pick, but in turn would bring a little more grit to their frontcourt. It could also mean a potential return to San Antonio for Mills in return, which could be fun.

Chicago Bulls center Nikola Vucevic (9) warms up before an NBA game against the Washington Wizards at the United Center

Chicago Bulls center Nikola Vucevic (9) warms up before an NBA game against the Washington Wizards at the United Center / Kamil Krzaczynski – USA TODAY

Nikola Vucević

Keeping with the central theme, Chicago is about to become a free agent. Vucevic’s team with Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan it has yielded little results for Chicago so far.

If there’s a shakeup coming for the Bulls, the big could very well be available. If so, Vucevic could make an intriguing addition to this Nets roster.

Again, Vucevic would come in to answer some of the questions about the size and spacing Brooklyn faces with their frontcourt. He’s also a solid All-Star caliber talent when he’s healthy and shoots the ball very well.

The Nets should probably send Harris as the main payroll, then probably attach some capital to smooth out the deal. It would certainly be a fair cost to help bolster the talent and function of their great men.

Myles Turner

Turner is one of the most popular names in gossip as of late. However, he may not be as forthcoming as it seems with Indiana exceeding their expectations.

If he were to be acquirable, though, the Nets would certainly need to get involved in the lottery. A package of Harris and an undisclosed amount of draft picks could be enough to seal a deal.

Few big leaguers can take lineups both spacing and rim protection to high levels, but Turner manages to do it. He’s shooting 41.7 percent from deep and averaging two blocks per game, which are skills Brooklyn would happily bring on board.

As mentioned, however, the Pacers may instead decide to hang on Turner and lock him up for a long-term deal. While the 26-year-old is certainly an enticing piece, Brooklyn shouldn’t freak out too much with their commercial offerings.

Jae Crowder

While many of Brooklyn’s points of improvement lie on offense, there are never enough great three-pointers and defensive wings on a true contender.

harris, TJ Warren, Yuta Watanabeand Royce O’Neale they held up the fort well, but adding another weapon that can also make great defensive plays certainly doesn’t hurt.

If there’s a weakness on Brooklyn’s roster when it comes to wingers, it’s that they could use someone to pitch the biggest and most elite wingers in the league. O’Neale and Harris are 100% healthy, but against a playoff series Giannis Antetokounmpo or Jayson Tatum it requires a little more size and nastiness.

Crowder isn’t going to fix the Tatum problem for Brooklyn, or win them a series, but having that extra guy in case of injuries or bad matchups definitely helps. He is also extremely experienced with late postseason racing and is able to knock down the open threes.

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